Jame Buchanan
Format: HDV
Duration: 14 mins
Cast: Son - Ruaraidh Murray
  Dad - Henry Jameson
  Dade - David Brody
  Shuggy - Euan Patterson
  Barman - John McManus
  Shuggy - Euan Patterson
Crew Producer— Ruaraidh Murray
  Director - Jim Buchanan
  Director of Photography - Jimmy Swindells
  Set Designer - Gerry Watson
  Sound - Jimmy Swindells
  Music - Ben McCabe & Neil McDonald & David Harrison
  Writers / Editors - Ruaraidh Murray & Jim Buchanan
  Colourist - Mike Skrgatic
Festivals: Clerkenwell Film & Video Festival 2002
The Weekend
A young cavalier man ends up spending the weekend in jail with an older precarious man.
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